Logistics Business Worldwide

Logistics business worldwide is adopting technology to drive efficiencies and for saving operational costs. The information technology helped the business to realign the scenario and operational methodologies to increase integration, visibility and customer support. The challenges faced by the logistics operators and consumers all along the years.

The IT integration throws open another set of challenges like Total Cost of Ownership, ROI, scalability, maintenance. Identifying the suitable technology solution, implementing it with minimum investments, transforming people to operate, making it adaptive to the environment, and to offer stability are additional set of factors with immediate bearing.

CAReGO logistics management solution is the simple alternative, developed with broad possibilities and specific features to benefit the logistics industry players with two branches to even innumerable branches. This application service solution is tailored to suit the size, scale and nature of your business with truck load of features and advantages.

Simply put, CAReGO logistics management solution is a desk top application with speed and stability synchronises through the back end provides the advantages of an online application. The system requires low bandwidth connectivity (needs only while it needs to synchronise), low configuration systems and does not require any expert level human resource.

The solution offers Lower TCO in terms of connectivity, installation expenses, human resource, EDP resource, communication expenses and maintenance costs. High Return on Investment (ROI) is assured since it cuts down many expenses; more importantly maximizes efficiency and throughput by the intelligent trip management which ensures the optimum use of resources.